Who’s Manifesto?

I’m a Writer, not a socialite. I’m not going to claim to leave you smiling and laughing to yourself merrily once you’ve slaved over this page and I’m not particularly interested in forcing you to like me.

What I am interested in are words. Words and people watching. Oh, and passing cynical judgements on ‘current affairs’ and social taboos I like to think I understand…

I won’t sit here and tell you how to do your make up or pretend I know what you should be wearing during these harsh winter months in order to fit in with the superficial fashionistas of this empty, consumerist society.

I won’t masturbate all over this website with stories of my daily social dilemmas or a coherent spreadsheet recording my weekly bowel movements, you know, just for your ‘reading pleasure’.

I have more respect for you than to subject you to such dull and unnecessary bouts of self-centred idiocy. I hope.

What I will do during the course of these currently virginal pages is this:

– Love
– Hate
– Discuss
– Explore…

… And generally have the balls to express my own opinions on the world around me in all it’s vile and illogical glory.

I hereby declare, from this moment fourth, my innermost thoughts at your scrutiny.

Be ruthless. It’s just more fun that way.


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