Saville who?

So, there’s something annoying me in the press these days and, as much as I’ve tried to ignore it and just change the channel or switch onto another iPhone application in the desperate attempt to block it out and pretend it’s not strangling me, morally, it’s coverage has become so swollen it’s now impossible to deny and I feel the urge now, like anyone, to have a good old fashioned rant about it in a public space in order to rid those media-shaped demons plaguing my every, waking, Programme-watching moment. However, I just felt that a ‘like if you’re against…’ Facebook post wouldn’t have quite done this one justice, today. Although, I’m sure if I look hard enough, I’ll find one of these disgustingly unnecessary piles of virtual dog vomit to fit this rather sensitive and over-exposed subject (but that search can be left to another needless rant on another anger-filled day)…

I’m talking, obviously, about all this Jimmy Saville business. My Facebook is flooded, my ‘News Free’ is a Niagra’ll-fix-it… Everywhere I turn I can’t move for headlines and allegations.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m heartless or disinterested in the horrific notion of pedophilia, particularly when the adult concerned abuses his position in order to gain access to innocents, however – and this is my issue – the bloke’s dead. Apart from the acknowledgement of embarrassment and shame Saville’s dodgy past antics have bought on the BBC and, indeed, everyone who was associated with him, there’s nothing that – realistically – can be done. Surely?

I understand (as much as I can having not been abused as a child) that coming forward and naming your childhood abuser and the atrocious things that happened to you, therefore, must be a devastating and somewhat violating experience – not only of course because one then has to relive all the terrible things that happened and have, I assume, been buried under years of denial and intimacy issues – but if these women couldn’t come forward and tell the authorities of how Saville ‘stole their innocence’ whilst justice could still be done (i.e. when he was alive), isn’t it a bit late, now?

I refer back to my previous, frank comment – the bloke’s dead – short of digging him up and putting his remains in trial (human rights?) I believe all this media coverage, uncovering of horrific stories of pedophilia and general slander is redundant. Only because – what good can it do? He can’t exactly apologise to these poor women in person, serve some much-deserved time in prison as punishment for his numerous disgusting acts or even hide in fear of being lynched for what he did.

It’s all very well and good making the public gesture of stripping the man of his Knighthood (let’s face it, any man who touches kids – particularly sick kids – doesn’t deserve such an honour), but if he’s not alive to acknowledge or understand the shame of being stripped of such a privilege, it will not achieve much more than the media equivalent of Chinese Whispers… A welcomed distraction to shut the young ones up at the unwelcomed, E-number-fuelled, preschool party.

Now, I’ve been wronged by a lot of people over the years in many varying degrees and ways (I’m sure you can tell from the unapologetic hatred I carry for most of this world) but, personally, if someone had hurt me and I hadn’t been able to bring this to light during their lifetime, I would let the secret die with them and use that death as a form of release. Maybe I’m just an evil bitch but, to be honest with you, if someone had hurt me that badly I’d want to see them suffer and take pleasure in the sport of it all. If I couldn’t witness their first-hand suffrage I wouldn’t see the point.

I get that everyone involved with Saville during his lifetime is ashamed that they didn’t see what was quite obviously dangling in front of their ignorant eyes and they may feel the public pressure to apologise for not ‘stepping in’ or something equally heroic but, I would say it’s not their responsibility and they shouldn’t feel that way. Pedophiles are secretive and sly – if the people around him didn’t know what he was doing, it goes without saying that they couldn’t have done anything about it – the responsibility lies directly and fully on Saville himself.

Basically, the point I’m trying to make is this:

Jimmy Saville was a vile individual who used his popular media profile to sexually abuse children – worse, sick children, too – and, if he was still alive I would be the first to publicly spit proverbial venom in the old man’s (hopefully guilt-ridden) face. But he’s not. He died Smug in the knowledge that he’d got away with the evil he committed. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with that and let the stories die with him. Painful, but true. And we should all use his death as a positive event – at least he can’t hurt anyone else.


6 thoughts on “Saville who?

  1. I’m sorry honey, but I don’t agree with this at all. Secrets don’t die. As long as there’s someone involved the secret will live on, especially if the carrier is the victim. There’s a saying that goes you’re as sick as your secrets and speaking as someone who’s suffered abuse of all kinds it’s very true. Saying the secret should have died with him is giving no honor or respect to the sickness that the victims have had to carry around inside of them. And it’s not true that he can’t hurt anyone else. Dead or not survivors of abuse carry that around with them like a big, emotional scar that never quite heals. So I think it’s great that he’s exposed, if for nothing else than for the sake of the victims of his crimes. They get to openly name and shame their abuser and all the years that they suffered in silence are finally over. So it’s not really about him; it’s about them and they deserve to finally be heard.

    • That’s fine. I don’t think you quite understand exactly what I’ve said. At no point did I explicitly say the secret should have died with him. He’s dead and he can’t apologise or be punished so I don’t see where the justice comes from. Plus, I’m incredibly bored of hearing about it everyday. You don’t have to agree or like what I say. I don’t write for approval or friendship. I write to voice my opinion and that’s it.

      • The point is for the victims to have a voice and have others acknowledge it.

        I’m sure every one of his victims imagined exposing him during his life but this guy was a national icon and they had already experienced other people’s unwillingness to not only help them but to stop Saville.

        I’m sorry if the story bores you but for a lot of victims yet to tell of their abuse, seeing a public so outraged at a massive scale cover up and the way police are taking it so seriously will provide strength and comfort. Every time this story is shown or talked about one survivor will speak out and that is infinitely more important than someone’s short attention span.

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