Who’s been productive today?

After waking up at 5.30am and using the time to write, I was set for a productive day. I’m neurotic. I’ve said it before and I’m not ashamed to say it again. Particularly at the moment, in these difficult times, I can’t get out of bed without a ‘plan of action’ for the day ahead.

So… When I finally woke up again at 10.03am (I remember this because I had a perfect 22 minutes to pee, lumber gracefully (!) down the stairs, make a coffee and get a banana before Jeremy Kyle on +1), having already posted two blogs and charged up my iPad, I felt like I’d already achieved something. More importantly, I actually felt like I may be able to face the day (something I haven’t been able to do for a while).

I was all set, list in head, to help my Mum with a bit of housework, sell our old dining room table (yes, one of those lovely mundane tasks that’s keeping me suitably distracted) and then get down to the work I’ve been neglecting for my Masters Degree (well, I am paying thousands of pounds of my own, hard earned money to do it and I do want a PhD so it’s pretty bloody important). Oh, and i was going to clean the Boys out. You know, because my life is just that exciting these days (!). This was my day. Or so I thought…

Well the table got sold and I did do the hoovering, I’ve spent most of my day battling for some peace and quiet against either the massive, destructive, irritation that answers (when she feels like it) to the name of “SADIE! OFF!” or the squealing, sugar-addicted, over-confident, gas-bags that never answer to the names “OI!” and “STOP TRYING TO STICK THAT TARDIS UP YOUR BROTHER’S NOSE! … WHY? … BECAUSE I SAID SO!”. Needless to say, this has not ended in the productive day I’d hoped for. Funny that (!).

In between wrestling the Dog for my banana skin, the last mouthful of my coffee, the salvaging of a naked Thunderbirds doll and, of course, my own dignity (that’s right. Our *female* Dog does like to hump, paw, jump and scratch. Intelligent way of getting attention, Sade), I managed to get about 10 minutes worth of MA work before, after at least 13 times of telling them not to (I counted), my brother and sister continued to jump all over, paw and scratch the coffee table next to me until even the Dog got so fed up she ran at them and knocked all the drinks over, onto me, onto the floor and onto my iPad.

How I’m still (somewhat) sane is rapidly becoming a mystery to me… (!).

However, I did learn something today that put a smile on my face (shocking, I know) for at least 10 seconds. I’ll attach it to the end of this blog. If it doesn’t make your heart melt even slightly, I’ll be a bit concerned. Even I, the Ice Queen, felt a warm sensation as I saw it.

All in all, it wasn’t the worst day I’ve had in a while…



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