Who’s passing on the excitement?

When baby wakes me up far earlier than I’d like every morning (and by ‘far earlier than I’d like’ I mean any time before 9am), I like to watch a bit of day time TV whilst I give her a bottle…

On Saturday morning I, naturally, struggled to find anything decent to watch on the hundreds of channels we have. However, due to the glory that is Tevo (is that how you Americans spell it? We just call it Virgin Media this side of the Pond. “Pond”. Like “Amy”. Made me laugh), I found some Doctor Who episodes my Mother had recorded for the kids. Brilliant way to start a Saturday!

So… Putting on The Big Bang (I do love Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, they’re like the new Tennant and Piper, but ginger and complete with Bow Tie. Both make me happy), I started giving baby her ‘breakfast’.

After some moments of excited distraction (I get a bit mesmerised by Doctor Who), I realised that baby had stopped taking her bottle and started ‘talking’ (cooing in that cute baby way) to something. Looking down, I realised that not only had baby stopped taking her bottle to concentrate on the television but she had also turned round slightly in my arms to get a better view AND was enjoying it so much, she was shouting at the Doctor!

I’m raising a Whovian…


Safe to say, Doctor Who really does appeal to all ages!



One thought on “Who’s passing on the excitement?

  1. that is cute. Over the summer, my then 4 year old niece came to visit me for the weekend, and while she was engrossed with my old legos, I finished watching The Web Planet. Eventually she came over and started watching with me. As soon as she saw the Zarbi, she said, “can you ride that?” So I told her probably. She wanted to ride the larva gun too lol.

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