Who’s enjoying the new series?

After watching all three new episodes of Doctor Who twice (yes, two times EACH because I’m cool), I’ve decided that I absolutely love it. There I said it. I LOVE it.

It’s pretty well documented (by me, obviously) that I have a massive girl-crush on Jenna Louise Coleman. I’m not ashamed of this. Not only is she devastatingly beautiful, in a youthful and innocent way, and incredibly talented but the character of Clara (Oswin) Oswald is utterly captivating. She feels like less of a Companion and more like the Doctor’s counterpart. A tantalising cross between Dr River Song and Madame De Pompadour (seriously, is anyone else still deeply affected by Sofia Miles’ episode, or is it just me?).

Not only is Clara a work of genius (considering she had to follow the brilliant Amy and Rory Williams) but, as an old skool Whovian (I say “old skool” – I was hardly alive when Doctor Who was originally on – but I’ve enjoyed it for nearly 9 years now), I’m finding myself increasingly excited by the new series’ blatant homage to the original. Everything’s gone retro! The title sequence looks and sounds like it could be from a long-lost Tom Baker episode, for one…

When Matt Smith first started, like most MASSIVE FANS of David Tenant, I was dubious. How was this slightly odd, misfit of a large chin I’d never seen before supposed to follow in the footsteps of the Geek God that is DT; My Doctor (I know, technically, Sylvester McCoy was my Doctor but, you know… I fancy Tenant)?

Apparently, I shouldn’t have worried. Whilst Amy and Rory brought out the Eleventh Doctor’s sultry, “family man” side, Clara brings out in him a tragic playfulness and dangerous fragility that I’m itching to see climax. Who is this impossible woman?

The writing this year feels particularly strong. As a Writer, I make no apologies for being profoundly jealous of it. I have, more often than is socially acceptable, found myself shedding far too many tears, already, at the witty, dark, compassionate dialogue spread loving across this new series and thinking “ah, man, I may as well give up now and go and work in Poundland”.

However, after a few days of intense therapy, I remember that it’s writing like that displayed in Doctor Who that made me choose this career. I want to inspire others. Just like Doctor Who has done for me.

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For now, when you watch Doctor Who, remember:



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