Who’s still in love with an oldie?

I’m really, really excited already (yes, I know it’s a bit sad) for the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who in November. I know. A long time yet, but, you know, I am a disabled single Mum with only my MA for company (gross exaggeration for comedic effect)! Whenever I see a Facebook, blog or YouTube post about it, I get all goosebumpy. There is an amazing fan-made 50th anniversary short on YouTube which, for a second (actually, a whole 2 hours before someone ruined it and put me straight), I thought was a BBC official advert. Not my brightest moment. Particularly considering we have 7 months (and 7 days, given the date; but who’s counting? Me. I am) to go!

Billie Piper was a bit of a (secret) hero of mine from when I was about 12 and “Because We Want To” stormed, ashamedly, into the English charts at, I think, Number 1. Her sweet but rebellious teen image and blindingly bright – slightly retro – 90’s clothes made her unspeakably cool to this awkward preteen living in track suit bottoms and neon green trainers (why did my Mum encourage me to do that??). Then she went out with Richie from 5ive (only, like, the best boy band ever!) and then she married Chris Evans (a ginger who gave her the gift of a Ferrari on their first day. Score!). I have always loved her (and been immensely jealous. Obviously).

So… When she joined Doctor Who I was happy. Amazingly “bounce off the walls, don’t care who’s watching” happy. Rose Tyler, in my opinion, is the best companion ever to have existed in Doctor Who. Better than Adric, better than Donna, better even than Clara (sorry, Clara. I love you, still. Call me sometime, yes?). The chemistry between David Tenant and Billie Piper during their reign made my toes curl and my goosebumps get goosebumps.

I’m still deeply, deeply traumatised by Billie Piper’s final episode. I just have to think about it and I well up like a wet blanket. Or see a still of her face tearfully pressed against that cold, white wall and I have to go and lie down for an hour or so. Her return in Donna’s episode made me grin like a stoned cheshire cat on heat.

Basically, my point is… BILLIE PIPER IS COMING BACK FOR THE 50th ANNIVERSARY AND THAT’S REALLY, SUPER, RETRO COOL! Especially for the neon-green-trainered, track suit bottom wearing, awkward preteen still lurking, quite publicly, inside me.

Totally worth it.




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