Who’s a sweetie?

So, yesterday was Star Wars day (4th May) and Star Wars Day coincided with Doctor Who Saturday. As a bit of a Geek, I found this particularly exciting – 2 sci-fi events in 1- what self-respecting geek didn’t!?

Although, contrary to my consequent mindset, last night’s Doctor Who episode was set in Victorian Yorkshire not, as I’d hoped, ‘in a galaxy far, far away’ (but it was a long time ago). This didn’t phase me, however, in fact it just made me even more excited because I love Doctor Who’s portrayal of Victorian England. It’s fun, humorous and melodramatic.

Diana Rigg co-starred with her daughter which, as far as my knowledge of actors and actresses can take me, was their first on-screen appearance together. How special that Doctor Who could do that!

Diana Rigg was great (obviously), if a little on the ‘hammy’ side. But I felt this worked since it was Victorian England and that was the style of the acting at the time (Bazinga!).

Everything Victorian England had to offer was outlandish, opulent and extravagant. Their understanding of science and myths were naive (in a charming, childish way) and their moral beliefs completely different to our’s today (their view on children, for example). I thought last night’s episode brought all of these elements together in a really engaging, cute way.

I think it’s incredibly easy, as adults watching the show, to forget that Doctor Who was originally meant as a children’s programme… (Of course, I’m not ignoring the fact that the new series has always been meant for the children who have grown up with it since the beginning) But, because of this, it’s only naturally that it retains it’s childlike, sometimes clumsy and sometimes silly, air.

Last night’s episode was a perfect example of what I’m trying (and probably failing) to rationalise. It was clumsy, silly, melodramatic and most definitely made for the kids! It most certainly was not my favourite episode so far – ‘Mr Sweet’ was quite a weak concept – but it was by no means the worst.

I probably would have enjoyed it more, though, if my little Stormaggedon hadn’t been completely overtired and decided to shout at The Doctor through 99% of the episode (thanks kid)!

I felt it’s tie-in with the Victorian Clara at the end was the only tangible element that really made it valuable to the series as a whole.

In short:

It was funny, cute and lightheartedly enjoyable, but somewhat disappointing. I would have preferred a Space-set episode on Star Wars Day but, to be fair, that was just for my own sense of humour.

Anyway, it being Star Wars Day yesterday, Cinco De Mayo today and Revenge of the Sixth tomorrow, I leave you with this…:


Happy Bank Holiday!!


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