Who’s seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

So… I passed my driving theory test on Thursday!

I got in there, convinced that all 50 questions on the multiple choice section would be focused on gears and how to execute the perfect hill-start (I drive an automatic so I don’t really know) and I screwed up one of the hazard perception clips…

Anyway, there I was, convinced I’d failed by half way through when, immediately upon finishing, I was escorted out of the deathly quietly and suffocatingly nervous room of sweaty people and dusty computers, almost breaking my pair of headphones along the way (in true “me” style) and told I’d passed… Quite well, too!

That’s one thing ticked off the long list of things to accomplish by the end of the year. Next is completing my MA (wish me luck, my final hand-in is on 27th)!

So… That gives me slightly more time to indulge in Doctor Who. Something that, yes, I did do last night and, yes, I did thoroughly enjoy!

Once I’ve completed my MA I may treat myself to a Doctor Who, 3 month marathon… Anyone have any suggestions for which episode to start with? I’m thinking Peter Davison’s first; Castrovalva (nope, I can’t spell it and I’m not even going to apologise).

I saw this picture on Facebook page The Doctor Who Hub that someone had sent in from a school in New Zealand:


Yep. Pretty. Much. Still.


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