Who’s waiting (& jealous)?

So… It’s not long at all until the 50th anniversary and, apart from hype on Facebook and this weekend’s Doctor Who Weekend on Watch (I’m starting to love that channel) I haven’t seen much “buzz” surrounding the lead-up to a very special, very exciting event in televisual history… Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places?

To be fair, I’ve been mostly looking down at my phone and my computer every moment or every day for the last few weeks (working, of course), but still.

Anyway, yeah, that’s what I’m currently wondering. Where’s the hype? Come on BBC, sort it out! I guess they’re looking to get Children in Need out the way first…? When is that? I know it’s in November; I’m just not sure when.


My Mum, little brother and little sister are going to a convention in London in November (can’t remember what it’s called – come on brain, it would be good if you started working now) and I’m pretty jealous. If I was younger and cooler I would say “well jeal” or if I understood Twitter a little better I would say #SuperMegaJealousMonster. Matt Smith’s there and everything. Boo!

That’s all I have to contribute this week.



I just thought that picture was funny. Because it’s true. Funny and true. Yeah.


Who watched The Proms?

Last week I didn’t post. I don’t really have an excuse. I just didn’t…

I did, however, watch Doctor Who at The Proms on Monday…!

We all did in my house (even my little Stormaggedon was glued to it).

My Mum cried throughout the entire thing, my Nana asked unnecessary questions throughout the entire thing (like “wasn’t Peter Davison the ‘Clown’?”) and my own Stormaggedon cooed and sang along with the music (in that cute, baby way) throughout the entire thing!

I can’t remember what I did.

But it was great!


My Mum found this on Facebook. I thought it was cute…

Who’s in double figures?

So… We’ve finally made it into double figures on the countdown to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special on 23rd November (UK).

A week before the 50th AS (Anniversary Special) my baby turns 1.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m anxious for time to hurry up so I can see what happens for the big 5-0 but I also want it to slow down so I can keep my baby… Well, a baby… For a tiny bit longer.

Mixed feelings. Excitement, anticipation, nerves, welcomed nostalgia… And a little bit of sadness all thrown into one big emotional pot.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a Whovian Mother….


Pretty much…

Who’s all brand new?

Last Sunday was rather a tense one in my house and all our important (!) chores were remixed to revolve around BBC One (UK) at 7pm (GMT).

We had an early dinner, we bathed the children an hour earlier than normal and we all sat down together to watch the 35 minute long programme (did it really need that long? Come on BBC!) that all Whovians around the world had been anticipating for… Well, a while…

The announcement of the new Doctor.

It was an emotional 35 minutes, I must admit. I laughed, I cried… My tummy got all bubbly and butterfly-ish…

But I was quite pleased when they announced that the Twelfth Doctor was going to be Peter Capaldi!

Now, I haven’t seen him in much (I probably have but just not realised) but what I’ve seen him in, I’ve loved him in.

I mean, how could anyone not ADORE him as “Sid’s Dad” (can’t remember the character’s name because my memory is extra specially awful since I had baby) in Skins? He was AMAZING. I still cry when Sid finds him dead…

So, yeah, like with the announcement of any new Doctor I’m apprehensive. I can’t imagine anyone taking the place of the incredible Matt Smith (just like I couldn’t imagine anyone taking the place of Gorgous-Tennant) but I trust Moffat’s judgment on this.

A lot of fans dislike Moffat with a passion. I don’t. Some of the best Eccleston and Tennant episodes were by Moffat. Wasn’t Madame De-Pompadour Moffat? I think it was, if my (awful) memory serves me right. That still stands as one of my favourite ever episodes. What about “Are you my Mummy?”? Stroke of genius.

He’s also responsible, of course, for Sherlock and Coupling…

Coupling was a brilliant programme! Sherlock is good (albeit rather cheesy and OTT but it’s meant to be).

Killing off main characters DOES NOT show weak writing, in my opinion. Look at Rory (bless him)!

Anyway, bit of a tangent there…!

My point is…

Peter Capaldi? Good choice.

My Mum is dubious.


(He would probably make a good Master with this corker of a goatie)

Who’s wishing?

I wish I could see Karen Gillan’s shaved head for myself.


I wish I was sat in the audience whilst Matt Smith discussed leaving Doctor Who (so I could cry uncontrollably and speculate with other Whovians who will be next in line).


Basically, I wish I was at Comic-Con International.


But I’m not.


I’m sad.

Who’s going to get their lazy on?

So… In England we’re in the middle of a heat wave. When I say “heat wave” I mean… Well, what we’re experiencing is probably normal or ‘quite cool’ for parts of Australia and America but for us, moaning, ‘used-to-rain-and-misery’, English people; it’s too hot to do anything but sit inside in shorts, drink tea, slob around watching Doctor Who and complain about how uncomfortably hot it is… Whilst forgetting that 3 weeks ago when it last rained, we complained about how cold it was.

So… Yeah. That’s what I plan to do today:

Sit inside in shorts (big baggy ones), drink tea, slob around watching Doctor Who and complain about how uncomfortably hot it is… Whilst forgetting that 3 weeks ago when it last rained, I complained about how cold it was.

I think I’ll start with Rose Tyler’s last episode with Ten. That way, whilst I’m sobbing my eyes out as they lean, faces pressed against opposing sides of the same white wall in parallel universes, longing for each other and knowing they will never again experience each other’s lustful gaze (until that moment at the end at Bad Wolf Bay); I’ll have something else to complain about…

How much I miss Ten and Rose!


Now I have to go… I’ve upset myself at the mere thought of it. Don’t judge me. I’m English. I’m not happy unless I’m complaining!

Role on 50.