Who’s Coming Back?

I’ve decided I’m a terrible writer…

That’s right, boys & girls; you heard it here first before you hear it anywhere else! Ha.

I loved writing this blog. Every single post – good & bad, short & long, significant or less so – meant something to me.

This blog, it helped me through the dark times & ensured I remembered the good. But I stopped, abruptly with no warning; discarded it like a broken toy on the side of the road (or a simile less dramatic) as bigger, better, newer ‘toys’ came calling (obviously, by ‘toys’ I mean writing jobs).

It’s been so long since I last blogged (I like that word, it’s my new favourite) that I actually can’t remember my last blog and I’m far too last to look (yes, it only requires me to touch one button on my screen but, you know, that’s just how I roll). It was probably about 7 months ago and detailed, unnecessarily, the frustration at having to wait for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Yeah, because everyone wants to read a blog about waiting around & battling boredom (!).

Anyway, it’s been so long since I last updated this blog that life has inevitably changed & I miss this blog. I miss, in all the chaos of my new writing jobs (which I love) & exciting new business ventures, being able to spill my thoughts – rawly and without much coherency – out onto this digital page and write – solely – for fun. For me. Yep; it’s completely self-indulgent and no; I don’t care. You shouldn’t either because, let’s face it, I’m frigging hilarious and that. Just sayin’. Yeah…


Get ready world – Sophiewho’s blog is coming back with full, unwavering and unapologetic force. Or something. Maybe not. But it will be coming back and it will be good (I hope) and, whilst I won’t be able to update it as much as I once did, I’ll be making every effort to do so as much as I can for as long as I can.

Happy blogging!

Until next time, please follow my theatre company on Twitter (I love it now – how much I’ve changed) and check out the online magazine I’m Deputy Editor of because… Well, we’re COOL and we do GOOD stuff.

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Oh, and one more thing (probably not, actually)…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Every single Mother out there is amazing and I’m constantly confronted and inspired by strong women who confidently juggle work & Motherhood on a daily basis.

Being a Mum is tough, being a working Mum is even tougher but, for every tough day are 100+ beautiful & rewarding ones that make it all worth while!

Since I was last here, I graduated from my Masters, had a play professionally produced in Camden, set up a theatre company with 2 incredibly talented friends, signed 2 more theatre contracts for productions in London later on in the year, got myself a job as Public Relations Officer of my local Borough Council’s annual business awards & became Deputy Editor of a wonderful feminist art magazine – promoting women in business and in the arts.

It may seem like an impressive workload whilst being a Mother but, honestly, I couldn’t have done any of it without the support from my own, working, Mum.


I wouldn’t change any of it for anything!

Chow for now (or something less pretentious).



Who really is frustrated (in a minor way)?

So, at the moment my life has been all consumed by my Sustained Independent Project (SIP); the final project of my MA.

For this I have to write a full length radio play (68 pages) plus a 3000 word, critical evaluation of the play (yeah, I know, I fell asleep half way through, too).

On top of this I’m also learning to drive (yeah, again, I know, what utterly stupid timing) and have my theory test next week – wish me luck – which I’m studying for every day!

The cherry on top of this “sleep-will-have-to-wait-for-a-month”, rapidly souring cake is that I, of course, have a beautiful, well-behaved, yet speedy and nosey, daughter of 10 months (who I love very much but who is even more stubborn and strong willed than me) and so, as you can imagine, things have been a little busy lately.

However, my entire household has taken to watching re-runs of Doctor Who at 7pm (GMT) on BBC3 every evening and I just can’t resist having a cheeky little watch from behind my essay, practice theory test or the stink lines which regularly emanate from my baby’s nappy when I change her ready for bed time…

Damn you Doctor (!), your brilliance is distracting.



Speaking of which, it’s currently on Watch & Watch +1 (more Doctor Who dedicated channels).


Who’s lost?

So, I’m currently watching “The Name of the Doctor” for the third time since it was aired last week (I say “currently”; I got distracted by it and it finished an hour ago) and, I have to say, it gets better with every viewing…

I’m utterly convinced that John Hurt is “The Valeyard” – first seen in Collin Baker’s “Trial of a Timelord” in the mid-1980s – every bad or potentially evil element of The Doctor personified. Of course, I could be wrong, it is just speculation! But, no, I think I’m right. I guess we’ll have to wait 6 months to find out. Ultimate cliff-hanger! ARGH!!

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling too great – the baby had decided that during one of my busiest weeks of my MA she was going to wake up every few hours and then shout to have breakfast at 6am every morning (she normally loves her sleep and has been sleeping from from 8pm-7am since she was 7weeks old) – and in my sleep-deprived state I woke up thinking it was Doctor Who Saturday (yes, that is one of my first thoughts of a Saturday morning). After a while, scrolling through the channels later on that day, reality hit like a slap in the face from Clara Oswald (but a really big, sweaty version, just to add insult to injury); no Doctor Who anymore.

This made me sad (again) for many reasons.


Although this series of Doctor Who has been really hit and miss – I enjoyed it but it hasn’t been as good as previous series – it went out with a BIG BANG (haha) and ended on an incredibly exciting, mysterious, intense note.


What am I meant to do on Saturday nights now!? BGT’s not even on at the moment and even The Cube was replaced last night by the football (another big, sweaty slap, this time in the proverbials). I’m too old to go out and get drunk (it takes me 2 days to recover from a hangover and a further 2 months to get over the state of utter embarrassment I get the morning after from saying the most cringing, unlikely things when I’m drunk) and too young to fall asleep in front of the TV by 9pm, surrounded by knitting and cats (just).


What do I blog about now?? I guess it’s back to the Doctor Who anecdotes; the ones where I make an arse of myself in front of the Doctor Who Writers and Actors. That’s fine. I have many.

Basically, I’m rather lost without Doctor Who in my life.

Roll on 23rd November!

For now, here’s my daughter in a Dalek dress…


Parenting; I’m doing it right.

Who’s just done an interview?

I haven’t posted in a while because… Well… I’ve been lazy and I’m waiting for the new Doctor Who to start!

I am coming back with regular geeky anecdotes about the wonder that is Doctor Who and all that is associated with such a wonder!

But, I’d like to share with you an interview I did very recently for my wonderful and talented friend’s website:


On Saturday, around 6.30pm, I shall be turning my phone off, locking the door and turning the TV on, ready and willing to be marvelled by the much missed enigma that is The Doctor…

I’d love to know what everyone’s Saturday night Doctor Who rituals are. Let me know!

For now…