Who’s all brand new?

Last Sunday was rather a tense one in my house and all our important (!) chores were remixed to revolve around BBC One (UK) at 7pm (GMT).

We had an early dinner, we bathed the children an hour earlier than normal and we all sat down together to watch the 35 minute long programme (did it really need that long? Come on BBC!) that all Whovians around the world had been anticipating for… Well, a while…

The announcement of the new Doctor.

It was an emotional 35 minutes, I must admit. I laughed, I cried… My tummy got all bubbly and butterfly-ish…

But I was quite pleased when they announced that the Twelfth Doctor was going to be Peter Capaldi!

Now, I haven’t seen him in much (I probably have but just not realised) but what I’ve seen him in, I’ve loved him in.

I mean, how could anyone not ADORE him as “Sid’s Dad” (can’t remember the character’s name because my memory is extra specially awful since I had baby) in Skins? He was AMAZING. I still cry when Sid finds him dead…

So, yeah, like with the announcement of any new Doctor I’m apprehensive. I can’t imagine anyone taking the place of the incredible Matt Smith (just like I couldn’t imagine anyone taking the place of Gorgous-Tennant) but I trust Moffat’s judgment on this.

A lot of fans dislike Moffat with a passion. I don’t. Some of the best Eccleston and Tennant episodes were by Moffat. Wasn’t Madame De-Pompadour Moffat? I think it was, if my (awful) memory serves me right. That still stands as one of my favourite ever episodes. What about “Are you my Mummy?”? Stroke of genius.

He’s also responsible, of course, for Sherlock and Coupling…

Coupling was a brilliant programme! Sherlock is good (albeit rather cheesy and OTT but it’s meant to be).

Killing off main characters DOES NOT show weak writing, in my opinion. Look at Rory (bless him)!

Anyway, bit of a tangent there…!

My point is…

Peter Capaldi? Good choice.

My Mum is dubious.


(He would probably make a good Master with this corker of a goatie)


Who’s in suspense?

Someone told me yesterday that the new incarnation of The Doctor might be released by the BBC that night. I was pretty sure that was just media hype but it didn’t stop me from getting excited and checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if the BBC had added an announcement…

You can imagine my frustration as, by midnight, I found nothing. Still nothing today, too. I think, sadly, there will remain nothing – not a scrap of actual, official news – for a long time yet.

However, that doesn’t stop me day dreaming about who I reckon the new Doctor SHOULD be (in my opinion, which is Gospel. In my opinion).

I love Red heads. I have for years. I like to think my baby will be a carrot-top. That’s the plan, anyway. So, I love the fact that The Doctor wants to be ginger. This makes him, for me, infinitely more loveable (is it possible?).

Therefore I think the next Doctor SHOULD be (significantly dramatic drum roll)…:

Damien Lewis!!

I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it for years to come. Damien Lewis is a beautiful, talented, exceptionally wonderful actor who is also ginger.

How touching would it be if, in homage to all these years disappointed he’s not ginger, The Doctor is a red head for his final regeneration? Answer: VERY.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that enlightening piece of life changing information.

Happy Sunday!